Balance The Emotional Regulation System

Balance The Emotional Regulation System

Our emotional regulation system holds three systems. The Threath system. The Reward system and the Soothing system.

Often in our work life we ​​are in the state of either threat or reward – which causes imbalance. We also need to be in our soothing system.

The threat system is the strongest and is activated if we experience danger or fear. In an organization it can be changes, expectations of goals to be met, uncertainty about the future, etc.

The reward system is activated when we pursue new goals or developments.

Consider what activities or mindsets we can introduce into the organization - or you can do as a leader - to create a better balance so that we also experience that the soothing system is activated by ourselves.


This short video is about Balancing The Emotional Regulation System.


Neuroscience - Leading change

Insights from “neuroscience” are becoming more and more relevant in leadership. Understanding our brain systems, conscious and unconscious behaviour, the brains perception of threat and reward – and knowing how to put it in perspective to leading people.

I hope you will find inspiration in these videos of different leadership challenges. It’s from a lecture I did about Change Management at UCL Business Academy.


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👉 "Excerpt from lecture on change management" - 7 min. 

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👉 Balance The Emotional Regulation System - 43 sec.

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