Fight-Flight-Freeze Response

Fight-Flight-Freeze Response

You have probably heard of the Fight-Flight-Freeze responses (The FFF for short).


If you experience a situation, that puts you under a lot of pressure, you can activate your Fight-Flight-Freeze response. Say you meet someone in the street who tries to attack you, your FFF response will either put up a fight to defend your self – make you run really fast to get away (Flight) – or make you freeze unable to move (Reptiles do this fronting an enemy – the play dead to survive)


Now, how will this look like in an organization facing changes?


This short video is about Fight - Flight - Freeze response.


Neuroscience - Leading change

Insights from “neuroscience” are becoming more and more relevant in leadership. Understanding our brain systems, conscious and unconscious behaviour, the brains perception of threat and reward – and knowing how to put it in perspective to leading people.

I hope you will find inspiration in these videos of different leadership challenges. It’s from a lecture I did about Change Management at UCL Business Academy.


Watch full video

👉 "Excerpt from lecture on change management" - 7 min. 

Watch the shorts 

👉 Trust and Relations - 56 sec.

👉 Fight - Flight - Freeze response - 58 sec.

👉 Balance The Emotional Regulation System - 43 sec.

👉 Leaders influence on The Emotional Regulation System - 29 sec.

👉 Leading towards rewards - 59 sec.