Leading towards rewards

Leading towards rewards

As a leader you have the opportunity to consciously lead towards rewards - activating your employees reward system.

  • Increasing social status - Make them feel seen and heart, so the feel good about themselves and significant.
  • Increasing certainty - Be clear on expectations.
  • Increasing autonomy - Involve and ask genuine their opinion.
  • Increasing relatedness - show that you care for them and that you do like them.
  • Increasing fairness - treat them righteously.


This short video is about Leading towards rewards.


Neuroscience - Leading change

Insights from “neuroscience” are becoming more and more relevant in leadership. Understanding our brain systems, conscious and unconscious behaviour, the brains perception of threat and reward – and knowing how to put it in perspective to leading people.

I hope you will find inspiration in these videos of different leadership challenges. It’s from a lecture I did about Change Management at UCL Business Academy.


Watch full video

👉 "Excerpt from lecture on change management" - 7 min. 

Watch the shorts 

👉 Trust and Relations - 56 sec.

👉 Fight - Flight - Freeze response - 58 sec.

👉 Balance The Emotional Regulation System - 43 sec.

👉 Leaders influence on The Emotional Regulation System - 29 sec.

👉 Leading towards rewards - 59 sec.